So I thought I might want to fill up the seiyuus of each characters in Rewrite, and while Wikipedia seems to hold a good list of VAs for the VN , they're hardly complete. So I thought I should compile screenshots of the cast credits in each EDs so the names can be interpreted. I'm no expert on Japanese language, and reading Japanese names in Kanji are practically guesswork afaik, but this online app has been helping me . XD

Here's a compilation of cast credits in EDs, and I have Chihaya's ED here so far. :D

  • Chihaya ED
  • Terra Cast
  • Terra Cast Credits

And now that I have noticed it, Adrena Lin being Imamiya's seiyuu is actually legit. XD

BTW, I've done a compilation of anime sketches of the main cast, and while it will take a while, I'll try to upload all of them.

In any case, who's hyping for the Anime? >.<


Update: I've upload Terra's credits now, and here are the names of the characters listed above in Japanese:

  • 吉野 晴彦 (Yoshino Haruhiko)
  • 鳳 咲夜 (Ootori Sakuya)
  • 西九条 灯花 (Nishikujou Touka)
  • 江坂 宗源 (Esaka Sougen)
  • ミドウ (Midou)
  • ぎる (Giru)
  • ぱに (Pani)
  • 井上 (Inoue)
  • ルイス (Ruisu)
  • ゲンさん (Gen-san)
  • テンマ (Tenma) 
  • 今宮 新 (Imamiya Arata)
  • しまこ (Shimako)
  • 高砂 (Takasago)
  • ちびもす (Chibimosu)
  • テンジン (Tenjin)
  • 加島 桜 (Kashima Sakura)
  • ブレンダ (Burenda)
  • 州崎 周一郎 (Suzaki Shuuichirou)

I'd also like to do this for the seiyuus, but that would take more time. The characters were fairly easy simply because we already know how their names are pronounced, so one will only have to guess who the character is behind the kanji. Not to mention Google Translate is pretty helpful in transcribing Japanese text. :P

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