I ended up creating a navbox template, since I'm intending to create pages for each routes. I thought we might need pages for the routes since the synopsis part of the character pages can't tell fully what happened, not even the heroines' pages alone. And another reason: there's actually a page for the Boob Day route, so yeah.

Here's a link to the template. Links are not very readable on the heading, so I think I need a little bit of help.

I'm also planning to make a template for the anime episodes once it premiers. :>

So yeah, I'll be back to create pages for these after watching an episode of Star Wars. XD

Edit: If someone would like to create pages for the Harvest Festa! routes, that would be great. I haven't given them links yet since I haven't really read HF as of now, so I can't be the person to create the pages for that. And it would look bad for it to have so many red links. So if you do create those pages, feel free to add the links to the template. :DD

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