Song of Passage (渡りの詩, Watari no Uta), also translated as Ferry Poem, is the ninth track of the third disc of Rewrite Original Soundtrack. One of the two vocal arrangements of Jun Maeda's Journey (旅, Tabi), it is also arranged by Anant-Garde Eyes. Jun Maeda also wrote the lyrics, and is performed by Aoi Tada.

The track is used as the ending theme for Moon route in the visual novel, and the ending theme for Episode 16 of the anime.

Lyrics Edit

There have been attempts to transcribe the lyrics of the song, which are presumed to have words coming from different languages.

Fall of Rain You Me Far

li listen cross to me te res 遠く古い夢見Fa

lililu last to Remember were isn't li esen listen melody ri Re

ティロと月と目の色 を母 黒という陽の終わり

before stay for いつも fallin' stair 兄を that sounds store

壊そう 朝も

Rosso Rosso lun tu tran'tta we listening to lun tan lin ti

li lo so lun lan tweet 君の唄

この li li listen for star along the lili missing love

so best of falling lili lamp turn and burst the fi di fo te le 凛と聞こえ出す

その歌が この法則を 超えなに来る もう遠い日々に きっと

you find in you said she's in ly she's dance may rapidly repeatly love

the this in see stay 怒り振るう blue fang din fon lon lan li blue last and to-le

the this in see on far lu 寂しく止まる linlinli li tu-la 夢のまにまに

la li ho lo 去った lu lo leading sky

to lo lo li lun ta first 轟く

映写はいつ? so dance for le

君なら入る who dance for le

意味は無い for distant le mi fa do fa mi les

あの li li listen for star moonの成る神ら

so festa falling lili la come back さあおいで僕へ 子方のほうにいる

この歌が 伸ばす遠く うえなに来る もう遠い君に問う

夢見は lasting anymore to back in for you ever

Restarting もう地球帰るッ!


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Rewrite Original Soundtrack - Ferry Poem04:17

Rewrite Original Soundtrack - Ferry Poem

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