Philosophyz cover
Name Philosophyz
Album Philosophyz (single)
Artist Runa Mizutani
Released January 28, 2011
Length 4:52
Label Key Sounds Label
Lyrics by Yūto Tonokawa
Music by Shinji Orito
Arrangement by MintJam

Philosophyz is the first opening theme of the visual novel Rewrite. It was first released as a single on January 28, 2011 in Japan by Key Sounds Label, bearing the catalog number KSLA-0067, and also included as the first track of the Disc 1 of Rewrite Original Soundtrack.

Shinji Orito composed the track, with arrangement by Mintjam. and lyrics written by Yuuto Tonokawa. The vocals are performed by Runa Mizutani.

An arrangement of the song is used as the first opening theme of the anime adaptation. The opening animation is storyboarded by URA AC-Promenade, directed by Daisuke Eguchi, and solo animated by Tadashi Abiru.


ひび割れた夜に 幾星霜の空 映る僕たちは幻
もし叶うのなら 昨日とは違う 本当の僕をこの地に

僕ら生きてきたこと 彼方へ消えてく 
錆びついたレール 君はただ立ちつくす 

今この腕に流れる 碧い火があるなら 
もう二度と離さないと 灰の星へ誓うよ 
書き換える この詩を 

生きていく意味を ここで探すなら 

暗い森の中 深い闇の中 

風と雲が光ると 信じたあの頃 
無邪気な時には戻れない もう二度と 

この世界で生きていく 理があるなら 
何もかもが隠された この世界で生きるよ 

嘆きの壁を砕き 赤茶けた砂覆う 
逃げない もう そこへ 

今この腕に流れる 赤い血があるなら 
もう二度と離れないと 遠い星へ誓うよ 
書き換える そのすべて

Hibiwareta yoru ni ikuseisou no sora utsuru boku-tachi wa maboroshi
Moshi kanau no nara kinou to wa chigau hontou no boku o kono chi ni

Bokura ikite kita koto kanata e kieteku
Sabitsuita reeru kimi wa tada tachitsukusu

Ima kono ude ni nagareru aoi hi ga aru nara
Furikaeru kimi no te o hiite
Mou nido to hanasanai to hai no hoshi e chikau yo
Kakikaeru kono uta o

Ikite iku imi o koko de sagasu nara
Dare mo aku o nozomi wa shinai

Kurai mori no naka fukai yami no naka
Sore mo shirazu bokura wa ita

Kaze to kumo ga hikaru to shinjita ano koro
Mujaki na toki ni wa modorenai mou nido to

Kono sekai de ikite iku kotowari ga aru nara
Sono saki ni kimi o motomeyou
Nani mo kamo ga kakusareta kono sekai de ikiru yo
Boku dake no kagayaki o

Nageki no kabe o kudaki akachaketa suna oou
Itsuka yumemita daichi
Nigenai mou soko e

Ima kono ude ni nagareru akai chi ga aru nara
Furikaeru kimi no te o hiite
Mou nido to hanarenai to tooi hoshi e chikau yo
Kakikaeru sono subete

On a night that cracked apart, reflected in the sky of many years, we’re illusions.
If my wish does come true, put the real me, different from yesterday, on this ground.

The fact that we’ve lived will vanish into the yonder.
You simply stand still on the rusted railroad tracks.

Now, if there’s a blue fire running in my arms,
Then I’ll look back and pull you along by your hand.
I will vow to the ashen stars to never part from you again.
I will rewrite this poem.

If we search for the meaning of living here,
Then no one will wish us ill.

Within the dark forest, within the deep darkness,
We were there without even knowing so.

Back then, I believed that the wind and clouds shined,
I can’t ever return to that innocent time again

If there’s a reason for living in this world
Then I’ll seek you ahead of that
I’ll live on in this world where just about everything is hidden
For my own brilliance

I’ll smash the wall of grief and cover the auburn sand
I won’t flee from the land I dreamed of one day
I’m already going there

Now, if there’s red blood running in my arms
Then I’ll look back and pull you along by your hand
I will vow that we’ll never be apart again, to the distant stars
I will rewrite everything.

Videos Edit

Rewrite Original Soundtrack - Philosophyz (Full Version) translation lyrics04:52

Rewrite Original Soundtrack - Philosophyz (Full Version) translation lyrics

Philosophyz (Rewrite's first opening song) sung by Runa Mizutani, including an English translation.

Rewrite-Visual Novel First Opening-02:58

Rewrite-Visual Novel First Opening-

Philosophyz (game size version)

Trivia Edit

  • Another arrangement is performed by Mintjam instead of Runa Mizutani.
  • Philosophyz has two instrumental arrangement in the visual novel: Philosophy of Yours, arranged to orgel by Orito himself, and Philosophy of Ours, an orchestral arrangement by Manabu Miwa.
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