My awarness of reality is yanked upward. Matter is vertically separated. I learn that time is an illogical criss-crossing flow. I climb up, as if climbing up a ladder. Higher and higher. Higher than mountains, than the sky, than the universe, than time itself... From there I see everything. (Kotarou's words as he rewrites his mind into that of a higher being).

The Peak of Existence is concept that is only explained on the Moon.


The Peak of Existence is not an actual place due to it having no beginning or end, it is simply a reality compacted full of questions and concepts that explain the meaning of life more as you accend upward.


Moon Kagari

Terra Kagari

Kotarou Tennouji

Sakuya Ohtori

Sakura Kashima

The 7 LevelsEdit

  1. Knowledge: The closer you get to the future, the more time and space become seperated.
  2. Not explained
  3. Knowledge: The nature of various forces, the fundamental laws, and other abstract but firm realities.
  4. The flame in the person's heart begins to go out and they begin to question the aspects of the human heart and the divinity of secrets.
  5. A small fragment of 'Love' is found; love is an emotion and a delusion. A piece of it broke off from higher up. Love is important in the grand schem of the cosmos; intelligant life without love cannot expand because of self-sacrifice. (Kotarou rewrite himself like 15 times before arriving at the next level).
  6. An infinitely conceptual question that is too difficult to understand.
  7. A sea of questions, none of which humans can understand.


  • The more a person accends into the peak of existence the more the flame in their heart is extinguished. The vast amounts of knowledge that the person learns allows them to understand the concepts of time, space, life, and love and so those things seem meaningless to them.