For exclusively the character in Moon Route, see Moon Kagari.
Thank you, that was a wonderful memory, better than any I've ever seen. You have nothing to be ashamed of, you've done well for a single individual, now finish your final task with pride...Come.

Kagari (篝) is the main heroine of Rewrite and Harvest Festa. She is the current Key in the main story and the incarnation of Earth. Her leitmotif is Daisy (ヒナギク Hinagiku).


Kagari expresses human emotions but some times she gets angry at Kotarou's perverted comments. She uses the ribbons on her wrists to protect her from potential harm(such as Kotarou attempting to touch her). Kagari rarely speaks and only says certain words pretaining to the situation she's in. She may have a dark side which is mostly recognized by Kotarou, in Kotori's Route she is seen giving a sinister smile when Kotarou talked about the fate of the world and laughed heartedly when Kotori's familiar parents were being torn apart by a pack of black dogs. At times she sings a strange melody, the Song of Destruction, that is described by Kotarou as hard for humans to understand.

Kagari in Terra Route gained intelligence from observing humans and develops human-like, and often rude characteristics, such as insulting Kotarou and the human race for always fighting over meaningless subjects. However, her understanding of humans is imperfect. She believes that "Laws" can easily be changed and that to solve Earth's over-population problems that it is feasible to build a city underwater and place half of humanity down there which is very much impossible.“ Kotarou describes her as being a clueless princess rather than a divine-being. She is very focused on the situation at hand (to find good memories for the Earth) to the point where she tried to kill Akane (Who is several years younger than her current self in Rewrite) to keep her from revealing her to someone, and proposed to march right into Gaia to deliver punishment. She threw a destructive tantrum when she learned that Kotarou had exposes his infiltration of Gaia in order to save Akane and Tsukuno.

She and Moon Kagari share the desire for good memories.


The previous Keys were described to take an innocent appearance, and as such, she has the form of a young teenage girl. She is petite and slender in frame, and noted to have a small bust, to her disdain in the Oppai Route. Her hair is silver and short, adorned with cross-shaped decoration, and her round eyes, while described in the story as black, is colored violet.

Her characteristic attire is a black dress with bell sleeves and white petticoat, akin to a party dress. She also wears black shoes and black stockings. Ribbons made of Aurora are tied around both her arms.

In Harvest Festa, she wears the standard Kazamatsuri Academy uniform. She also wears a red blazer over a yellow t-shirt and a pair of long blue jeans.


The two Kagari exist supposibly because of the omnipotent power refered to as aurora. When the Earth was being created part of it split off and formed the moon, while the Earth was rich with life and could produce many creature, the moon could only produce the Moon Kagari. Throughout the common and heroines routes Guardian and Gaia fight to secure the Key which is said to be able to cause world destruction through a salvation the benefits the planet and not humanity. In each of the heroines routes the Key vanishes or is destroyed to some degree, nevertheless Gaia still manages to use the Key's corpse to destroy the world by having plant-life devour humanity. Though the world is only seen getting destroyed in Shizuru's and Akane's Route its probably safe to say that some point in any of the heroine's routes, if the world won't be destroyed by Kagari or Gaia it will still be destroyed by lack of energy.

Kagari's Past Edit

Kagari emerges from a hot spot in the forest, Kotarou just happens to be standing there with an unconscious Akane. It is not explained how but Kotarou is fatally wounded by Kagari to the point where he is about to die. Kotori arrives on the scene and pleads for Kagari to help her save Kotarou, Kagari gives Kotori a piece of her ribbon which she uses to revive Kotarou into a half-human, half-familiar state.

Kotori Route Edit

Kagari sneaks into Kotarou's room (for some unknown reason) and hides under his bed until he lies down to sleep. As she crawls under his sheets she scares the living daylights out of him, causing him to panic and jump out of the bed. Kagari pulls herself from out under the covers and stares at him, he tries to cut her with his aurora blades, but her ribbons block the blade and proceed to beat him unconscious. She leaves after that and is unable to return to his house due to Kotori giving him an animal wood-carving of a mammoth that keeps out spirits/familiars. Kotarou enters the forest and is attacked by the Leaf Dragon; Kagari protects him with her ribbons while he falls unconscious, Kotori's familiar, chibi-mammoth shows up and takes both of them to safety. In Kotori's workshop she walks around aimlessly until Kotarou speaks to her. She and chibi-mammoth pick up a stick and begin fighting for it (By pulling on it) until Kotarou breaks them up. He tells her to not bother Kotori while she's working, but she just ignores him; when he repeatably tries to touch her she throws him into the air using her ribbons and calls him a pervert. Later she sneaks outside of the barrier around Kotori's workshop and witnesses a fight between several of Guardian's superhumans and Gaia's Earth Dragon. Kotarou and chibi-mammoth appear to take her back but are cut off guard by Arata Imamiya and another hunter who skewers chibi-mammoth with a tree branch; she hides behind a tree while smiling sadistically. Chibi-mammoth manages to stun Imamiya and escape with both Kotarou, being held by his trunk, and Kagari smiling in his tusks. After Kotori's barrier is destroyed they all flee to an abandoned cabin in a field. The cabin is soon surrounded by hound-familiars and Kotori's familiar-parents are sacrificed in order for them to escape. Kagari laughs as they are torn apart by the hounds. After they escape, Kagari begins to sing the Song of Destruction which causes her to meld with the Earth in order to enact salvation, however she is shot by Shizuru with a sniper-rifle and killed. Her last words are that she had found good memories.

Chihaya Route Edit

Akane finds Kotori's barrier and forces her to hand over Kagari, she speaks to Akane in an underground room where she shares bad memories of the Earth with Akane (Which partially causes her to go insane). Akane gives Kagari to Kotarou and Chihaya, saying that she had been neutralized. Kagari is forced to come to a certain location with Kotarou and Chihaya in order to be bargained with Shizuru and Touka Nishikujou. As the two sides begin to fight, Kagari seemingly becomes interested when Kotarou rewrites his own mind in order to fight Shizuru and Touka in order to save Chihaya. She is brought again to the underground room where she transferred the Earth's memories to Akane, after Akane kidnaps Sakuya she disappears; stating that she is no longer needed.

Lucia Route Edit

Kagari is mentioned numerous times but not seen a single time. It is believed and indicated that she died when Lucia spread her poison all over Kazamatsuri. The term Key, or otherwise her actual identity Kagari, is not discussed a great deal afterwards.

Shizuru Route Edit

Kagari appears near the end of the route, but only her husk. She had been forced to enact salvation by Akane and is probably in some sort of spiritual form. Her body is relentlessly attacked by Shizuru, using a special rifle but it this does not effect her and leaves her unharmed, thus she continues her attempt to obliterate humanity. Touka manages to destroy her body by turning her own body into projectile-light, but it does not stop salvation. As salvation begins and everyone starts to vanish, she appears before Kotarou and Shizuru stating that she must find good memories. After which she vanishes.

Akane Route Edit

Kagari appears before Kotarou in a crowd of people (Though no one but he can see her), when kotarou notices her she disappears. Kagari looks down on Kotarou while standing on an almost spiderweb-like structure that she created using her ribbons. Kotarou sees and starts to chase her by jumping on buildings to get to where she is; at the last jump he fails to grab the ledge and falls down onto a melon stand. Kagari spots Kotarou walking at night and is lured to the forest by him. There Gaia's summoners attempt to capture her by using their familiars to drop a net on her which her ribbons cut to pieces, they use their familiars as diversions while Kotarou jumps down on her from above; trying to inject her with a familiar neurotoxin. Her ribbons strangle Kotarou before he can inject the drug into her, but Akane's scout-bird familiar severs the ribbons and she is rendered unconscious as Kotarou injects her with the drug. As Kotarou tries to carry her out of the forest, he is attacked by Imamiya and just as Imamiya is about to kill him, her ribbons severe his arm. Later, she is struck with an arrow and nearly killed. Akane and the disciples take her body to the top of Gaia's tree structure where they sing the Song of Destruction; forcing Kagari to enact salvation (Her body turns into the form of a tree as a result). Kotatou appears and states that he will kill the Key/Kagari in order to stop salvation, Akane orders the Disciples to summon the Earth Dragon in order to eliminate Kotarou and complete salvation. In the battle, Kotarou pierces the dragon with his aurora and extends it until it cuts Kagari in half; she splits apart like bamboo and turns to dust.

Terra Route Edit


Kotarou encounters Terra Kagari for the first time

After her moon counterpart (The Moon Kagari) sends Kotarou on his million-year journey, Kotarou encounters her on a flower filled hill while she's looking out at the city. She tells him about how the planet is filled with sad memories and that if something is not done soon, salvation will destroy all life on the Earth; and that normally this would not be a problem since life restarts itself every time it is completely destroyed, however the planet lacks the energy to do so this time. She asks Kotarou for his help to find good memories in exchange to respond to his 'sexual desires'. He agrees to help for his own reasons other than that. Kagari waits in the forest until Kotarou appears to tell her about his progress; that he had successfully infiltrated Gaia. Kagari asks him why he hasn't he begun destroying the organization, Kotarou tells her that it is impossible for him to do it alone so she advises him to strengthen himself. When Kotarou tells her that he cannot become stronger easily, she strangles him with her ribbons and pushes him against a tree, stating that she may not understand most things but she is able decipher the person in front of her and states that Kotarou has the ability to strengthen himself (His Rewrite ability). Kotarou tells her that her plan is not fool-proof to work and tries to persuade her to try his plan that is more likely to work. Kagari releases him and calls him a foolish homo sapien. They have a deficiency in reinforcements and must support each other by having classified meetings in the forest, where many debates and disagreements take place regardless of that, Kotarou is drawn to her, determined to protect Kagari with his life. However the antagonist, Sakura Kashima attempts to pressure Kagari to inaugurate re-evolution by having her holy women perform a song helping induce salvation, which brings great damage in the city.

Kagari feels obliged to Kotarou and embraces him

Kotarou progresses on to the Gaia temple to put an end to the catastrophe and to attain a good outcome. Even with eternal solitude as an aftereffect, he decides to meet Kagari once more. She feels obliged to him and shows how much she appreciated his cooperation. The two kiss and evolve into an orb of light together inside a tree. The trees stop destroying the city and humanity survives, though the world experiences an ice age outside of Kazamatsuri.


Moon Kagari smiling happily as the other main characters walk towards her.

In Kazamatsuri, a huge tree grows 500 meters tall in three years, which contains the orb of light made from Kagari and Kotarou. The five heroines (Kotori, Chihaya, Akane, Shizuru, and Lucia), now in high school, investigate the tree as members of the Occult Club and transform the tree, who appears as Kotarou, into a familiar. This familiar refuses to do what the five girls demand. Kotarou takes the five girls to the Moon, and final scene shows them circled around a seedling on the Moon (as the embodiment of the Moon's Kagari) sprouting on the barren regolith.

Anime-Original Route Edit

Right after the end of the anime's common route, Kagari's originally aloof personality changed drastically, after being bonked by a tiny meteorite on her head. Because of it, she lost her memories sans her name, and learned human language at the same time. Not knowing her circumstances, she then asked Kotarou to help her in search of herself. His initial suggestion for her to check the Internet caused her to speak in online jargon, notably calling coffee as feecof (ヒーコー hīkō).

His connection to her further entangled Kotarou to the conflict, which lead him to Kotori's whereabouts, who revealed herself to be a druid and Kagari to be the Key. From here, she began to learn more about the world and herself, and has occasional bouts of returning to her former personality.


  • Miracle Ribbons: On her wrists are red ribbons with long strands. The ribbons are able to deflect any attack used against her and are powerful enough to knock a person unconscious, or even to slice a person to pi. The ribbons automatically grow to protect Kagari but she can attack a person at will if she wants. When there is a serious threat that may conflict harm onto Kagari, the number of ribbons multiplies to decrease the chance of her getting hurt.


  • Invisibility: Some people are unable to see Kagari therefore she is able to stand in the midst of a battle and not worry about being attacked. In the forest, she was completely invisible to the enemy while Kotarou and Mosu's lives were in danger. However, Kagari's invisibility only works as long as she is conscious, if she is rendered unconscious she can be seen by anyone.
    Kagari Singing

    Kagari singing the deadly Song of Destruction

  • Singing: Kagari can sing a strange tune (namely the Song of Destruction) that is said to be hard for humans to understand, Kotori stated that when the Key/Kagari starts to sing salvation is approaching. 
  • Magma Flames: The moon Kagari seemingly killed Kotarou once by setting him on fire.
  • Vortex: When Kagari learned that Kotarou had exposed himself to Sakura Kashima to save Akane and Tsukuno, Kagari threw a tantrum; he ribbons turned razor-sharp and created a destructive cyclone around her.

Kagari in 'Vortex Mode'

  • Husk: (Shizuru Route) Once the Key stabilizes, a shell is produced, which is practically invincible, evidently bullets are powerless against it, the hull is identical to Kagari. It is very difficult to destroy the Husk, though Touka Nishikujou was able to exterpate it by using her own body, resulting in her death, however salvation perpetuated and persisted to decimate the world. 


  • "Good memories must not be sad." (Shizuru Route)
  • "You are a dangerous homo fondliens...who could potentially change the world." (Oppai Route)


  • She got fifth place in the Rewrite popularity poll, with 10988 votes.
  • Kagari's black and white design, and the title of her theme Daisy, may have been based on the Daisyworld Model, a hypothetical world inhabited by black and white daisies.
  • During her fight with Tomoko, Kagari learned how to open and close windows using her ribbons.
  • As revealed by 'Lord Clarens' in Lucia's Route, Guardian tracks Kagari's existance by tracking her aurora.
  • It is stated by Sougen Esaka that Kagari is part of the Earth's immune system and appears when human activity is harmful to the earth.
  • Kagari is the only heroine who is not human.
  • Different from most visual novels' main heroine, Kagari is the main heroine which does not appear more frequently than the other heroines, and her role is initially minor, to the point where the only routes in which she plays a big role are Terra and Moon.
  • While Kagari's measurements is unknown, her height is assumed to be approximately 151cm.

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