Journey (旅, Tabi) is the second track of the first disc of Rewrite Original Soundtrack. The track is composed by Jun Maeda and arranged by Anant-Garde eyes.

It is used as the title screen music of the visual novel Rewrite, and the opening theme of Episodes 14 and 15 of Rewrite 2nd Season. The opening animation is storyboarded by URA AC-Promenade, directed by Daisuke Eguchi, and solo animated by Tadashi Abiru.

Vocal arrangements of the track are Song of Passage and CANOE, used as ending themes for Moon Route and Terra Route, respectively. It has also been arranged for the albums Branch and Crann mor, provided by Keiji Inai and Hideki Higuchi, respectively.

Rewrite Discography
OST Albums: Rewrite Original SoundtrackFeastRewrite Animation Original Soundtrack

Arrange Albums: SoilBranchDye MixtureCrann morSelene
Miscellaneous: Pureness Rhapsody
List of Rewrite singles

Songs: (Theme Songs) PhilosophyzRewriteBeyond the DarknessLove LetterTo You Who Never LieSong of PassageCANOEHarvestModest BeginningEnd of the WorldWord of DawnIgnis MemoryInnocence EyeLast DesireInstincts
(Vocal Arrangements) FertilizerLittle ForestOrbitaLove Song from the Other DayReplySunbrightUnder This TreeDaisy MemorySleeping ForestFront of the Flowering Cherry Blossom of LoveLucihaya♡Rolling of Love
(Other) Lousy SongHappy-Go-Lucky☆SalvationPrincess is The PrincessFledglings girls!!
Instrumental Themes: JourneyDaisy Memorya seed leaf

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