Moving On From a Standstill (停滞のその先へ Teitai no Sono Saki e) is the twentieth episode of Rewrite TV Anime series, and the seventh episode of the 2nd Season. It aired on February 25, 2017.

The episode covers the entire portion of Terra Route that deals with Kotarou's experiences in a war-torn country.

Synopsis Edit

Kotarou is in a middle of a battle in a foreign land, as he is working as a mercenary in a private security company under Guardian. He, though hesitantly, shot an enemy, and it took an emotional toll on him.

In the boot camp, he was discriminated on the basis of his supernatural ability and his ethnicity. But every time, Luis, his colleague and first true comrade, helps him out.

When Luis and Kotarou ate dinner, the food caused him to remember his kill, causing him to run off and vomit. Out of panic, he took out his pistol and attempted suicide, until a young girl named Yasmin came to stop him. He broke down.

During their free time, the two play with children, three of them being Midou, Tenma, and Tenjin. Kotarou's sudden flashback to his kill caused him to accidentally kicked the ball unrealistically high. Luis covered this up by telling the children that he was cheating. The children picked on him, until Yasmin came to stop them, causing them to leave.

Kotarou thanked Yasmin, but she was annoyed that he wasn't spending enough time with her. He gave her a candy bar in exchange, which made the children earlier, along with Luis, to flock towards him. He gave away all his candy bars, and while he looked at the children, Yasmin approached him and shared her candy bar with him. As poverty taught them to share, she was willing to share with him.

Two years passed. The company planned to infiltrate a drug manufacturing facility.

Episode Credits Edit

  • Screenplay: Takashi Aoshima
  • Storyboard: Ryouma Ebata
  • Episode Direction: Atsushi Nakayama
  • Animation Direction: Yasuhito Kikuchi, Hideaki Yokoi, Futoshi Fujikawa, Kazuhisa Kosuge, Hiroshi Satou, Kaori Ishii

Trivia Edit

  • The toy frog that one of the child summoners was animating is a reference to Key's mascot.
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