Humanoid ents controlled by Kotori Kanbe.

An ent (エント ento) is a familiar made out of a tree.

Appearance Edit

The familiar assumes the form of a tree stump, taking human-like features like limbs for mobility. It also vary in sizes.

Story Edit

Anime Edit

Several are seen chasing Kotarou Tennouji in the school hallway during Episode 1. Later on, Kotori Kanbe also controls ents of various forms.

Abilities Edit

Ents are generally slow-moving familiars, and weaker than hound familiars.

  • Four-legged ent
  • Humanoid ent: Usually used for labor rather than combat.
  • Giant ent: Supposedly created emphasizing on strength instead of speed, but turns out to be too slow that a normal human can dogde. It can be used for defense.

Trivia Edit

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