The anime-original route (アニメオリジナルルート anime orijinaru rūto) encompassed the second half of the TV Anime's first season, from Episode 8 up to Episode 13. Starting after the end of the adaptation of the common route, it ostensibly focused on Kagari, but offered a wider scope of the conflict between Gaia and Guardian.

The scenario came from Romeo Tanaka. The opening and ending theme of the route is End of the World and Word of Dawn, respectively.

Synopsis Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Kagari's personality is loosely based on her Harvest festa! portrayal.
Rewrite Scenarios
Rewrite: Common RouteKotoriChihayaAkaneShizuruLuciaMoonTerraOppai
Harvest Festa!: KotoriChihayaAkaneShizuruLuciaKagariRewrite Quest

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