The Acidic Poison is a flesh melting poison used by antagonist, Takasago.


After Kotarou defeats Takasago is the forest, Takasago appears a year later; his body partially familiarized. When Kotarou wounded Takasago to the point of near death, he consumed the poisonous water is the forest that was full of 'bacteria' but also life-force which quickly decomposed his body. He then made a contract with the dead parts of his body and seemingly those parts (Mainly the gil-like slits on his arm) can now produce an acidic poison.


  • The water in the forest is full of poison due to Gaia's summoners draining the life energy their in order to power their familiars.
  • The poison that Takasago uses is similar to the poison that Sakura Kashima's familiars use.